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I have personally trained and developed nutritional and fitness programs, as well as advised and counseled doctors, professional sports athletes, strength athletes, fitness and beauty models, corporate executives, and other professional trainers. We partner with our clients so that they achieve the full benefit that proper and sound training and nutrition yields. My experience in the field of health and fitness is in excess of 35 years – it has been a lifetime of experience

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I was feeling tired all the time and i didn't like the way I was looking … I needed to lose some weight. I work in an environment where I see sick people all the time and I didn't want to becom...

Laura Cunningham

I was involved in a motorcycle accident that left me unable to walk for months. During that period I gained over 40 pounds.   I hadn’t realized what I looked liked until one day I saw myself i...

Michelle Norlock

Arthritis, years of wear and tear had my knees inflamed, painful, and restricted me from participating in the things I enjoy.  Costly injections, medications and braces were not getting it done, I ...

Bob Spears

I felt like I had a cloud over me and a big hand was pressing me down. I was not in a good place. I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I had lost confidence, the joy in my life, and I was always tir...

Geri Bush

For years I’ve tried everything to lose weight and get feeling better about me, with no real success. I was also having health issues because of my weight.   I heard of Body By Sergio’s succe...

Joanne Hormann

As a Canadian Armed Forces Vet I found myself battling PTSD. By early 2017, I was a mess and nothing was working … I was drinking daily and using medical marijuana to cope and forget …    I ...

Sergeant John

“ I was amazed at his ability to “connect the work to the body for performance” As a professional curler ranked 30th in the world, I take my athletic performance abilities very seriously. At t...

Andrew Nerpin, Olympic Athlete Ranked 30th in the World, Colona, BC

“ Being able to maintain a fitness plan from my own home, with my own equipment has been invaluable” I’ve been a long term client of BBS and having a busy life with owning my own business wi...

Michelle Colasante, Financial Planner and Self Employed at Colasante’s RV Park & Marina, Carrying Place, Ontario

I’m a very busy mother and wife who runs a very busy and successful restaurant. If you understand the hospitality industry, you know just how stressful and hectic things can get. Covid-19 has ju...

Shelley Chamberlain

I wasn't sure how the Live One on One Video Training would work for me as I have no equipment in my home, or office.   Firstly, Sergio put together a plan that allowed me to use implements...

Darlene Satamo-Stewart

When I first heard about Video Training, my thought was, how, how can someone possibly train you correctly by video? How can they possibly see my technique through video? Will I get the same quality ...

Laura Cunningham

10 days prior to my wedding I was busy trying to pull everything together for the upcoming "big day". I was feeling quite accomplished ticking things off my "to-do list" until I tried on my wedding d...


I needed to make a change … I wasn’t happy with me … I had never had a weight problem but life changes things and having a sedentary job doesn’t help … I had gained unwanted weight and I w...

Jenn Frisken

Sergio, Christine, & team: Thank you for helping me to become half the woman I used to be (literally)!! Especially because I began this journey in my mid-fifties. Although I was skeptical, you...

Over 100 pounds lighter

I’m a 42-year-old mother of two and was feeling run down, tired most all the time, and I was just not happy with my body. I decided to make a change and so I went to Body By Sergio. I heard about a...

I’m Loving My New Body!

I was working out and running almost every day to try and take off those extra pounds. I wanted to be able to keep up with my children and feel good about myself again. Nothing I did was working unti...

My Life Changed!

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