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Meet Sergio

A question frequently asked of me is, “Why should I become a client of yours?” My answer is this, “who do you want working for you, a person with limited or great experience?” The answer I always get back is, “the person with a great deal of experience, of course.” That is what BBS offers you in the field of health and fitness, a great deal of experience. Our process is tried, tested and true.

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Leading Edge Facilities

At BBS you have your own private change room. When you are in training session, there is no one else in the training room – just you and your trainer. We offer our clients an iPod sound system docking station to enhance the personalization experience of training so that you can enjoy music of your own taste, or you can request a genre from our in-house selection.

From supplements to equipment we’ve got you covered!

Karin Worling
Belleville, ON
“I received excellent supervision from very knowledgeable personal trainers at all times. In addition, my severe back problems and arthritis have subsided and I’m now able to again enjoy outdoor activities” Read more
John Winter
Belleville, ON
“I’ve trained before and have been in “good” shape, but training on the Sergio’s System I’ve gotten in great shape and the best part of it all is I only worked out three days a week! They truly care about” Read more
Bob Driver
Belleville, ON
“I wanted to have a purpose in my life and wanted to serve my country so I applied to the Armed Forces. I recognized that if I wanted to serve I needed to build strength and endurance if I was going to” Read more
Denise Powers
Trenton, ON
“I lost 60 pounds and had a toned firm body at the end of my program. Sergio’s System was one that I could follow and more importantly, one that I could easily live with. I only need to train three times” Read more
J. Smith
Cobourg, ON
“I first was told of BBS by a friend. My friend had Sergio develop a program and had great results, so I thought I would take a chance. I’m happy I did, Sergio has designed several programs over the last” Read more
E. James
Kingston, ON
“I was very unhappy about the way that I looked and felt about myself. I went to BBS and booked a consultation with Sergio himself. He was very understanding of my needs, and he made me feel very comfortable.” Read more
Ray Powers
Trenton, ON
“Training with Sergio has renewed me. At the age of 40 things started falling apart, weaker muscles, weight gain, and many aches and pains, but through nutrition programs and routines I truly feel that” Read more
C.A. Campbell
Stirling, ON
“I never felt very comfortable in any gym that I had ever joined, so I came to BBS. The staff, and Sergio are just awesome! My body changed, my life changed, and I feel great. Sergio told me that the changes” Read more

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