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Meet Sergio

A question frequently asked of me for over 30 years now is, “Sergio tell me why you and why I should become your client”?
My answer has been the same for decades;
“Who do you want working for you, a person who has limited experience or one with great experience in the various disciplines?”
The answer I always get is: “someone with great experience”.
The question posed to all clients is, “are you looking to pay a trainer to be your “friend” or one that is focused on your results and wellbeing”?
The answer : “Serg … I don’t want to pay for friendship, I just want results and to have a system in place to keep me on point life long”.
This is what we have done and continue to do.
If you are ready to make a change and are willing to work, then you have arrived home .
CONTACT US  Now and together, let’s get your changing started and let’s change your life! -Serg

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A Very Important Message about our Brick & Mortar Operation

Body By Sergio has suspended all Brick & Mortar operations as of September 2020, indefinitely, until such time that it’s deemed 100% safe to return to such operations without compromise or interruption as it was prior to the Covid 19 Pandemic
Instead we have expanded our Virtual Training Platform to accommodate everyone from a beginner to those advanced and we invite you to become part of this great success.

The Virtual Platform – What you need to know …

BBS has utilized a virtual platform for their professional clients for nearly 15 years now and upon the onset of the Covid pandemic we expanded this platform to suit everyone from anywhere on the globe.
Happily it’s been an overwhelming success for both clients and BBS. You too will experience the same benefits and success as you know us for and as our current clients enjoy. This is truly a win win for anyone who wants uninterrupted success!
As stated above, our Brick & Mortar clients are very pleased with the platform and frankly their skepticisms vanished immediately. THESE SESSIONS ARE NOT SOME RECORDING OR STREAMING .. THIS IS LIVE ONE ON ONE

The advantages as reported by clients :

  1. No Risk of any kind of contracting or transmitting viral or bacterial infection.
  2. No Travel Time to and from the facility. You not only save time, but you negate the aggravation of traffic, and time constraints.
  3. Weekly Time Saving on travel alone is 3 hrs on average, this means more free time for you, which we all need, and you are not “living in the gym” but rather using your time to live life.
  4. Convenience with no aggravation(s) from waiting for anything, from equipment to purchases of supplements, home equipment, or anything else you can think of. It all comes right to you at your location and convenience
  5. RESULTS … the thing we are famous for and just like B&M, but without interruption of your training or programming; all under the expert instruction that BBS has been renowned for more than 35 years.