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A question frequently asked of me is, “Sergio give me the singularly most important reason why I should become your client”?
My answer has been the same for decades; “Who do you want working for you, a person who has limited or great experience? The answer is always, “someone with great experience”.
The question posed to all clients is, “are you looking to pay a trainer to be your “friend” or one that is focused on your results and wellbeing”?
The answer I get back, “Sergio I don’t want to pay for friendship, I just want you to take away the misinformation and “show me the way to my objectives”.
If you are tired of never getting where you want to be, and you are ready to work, invest in yourself and finally be successful, then BBS is for you! It really is as simple as that 🙂

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We at BBS believe that the safety and wellbeing of all people are paramount. Not only in your training itself, but in any environment, Particularly during a Pandemic!

Covid 19 is a real danger for many people.

At BBS we will not compromise health for profits. … We have a better way for you

That’s why I have temporarily, and voluntarily, switched our B&M Operations to Virtual for now Make no mistake about it - WE WILL BE BACK to B&M - when it is safe for all to do so.

Until then all Products and Services are Via Virtual Platform - We welcome you to it

We have been using a virtual platform to train our remote and professional clientele for decades .. this really works and it will blow your mind …. Guaranteed!

How can it work from my home or office is the biggest question folks have.

I can tell you this; it works as efficiently as our B&M offerings and because of our world renowned programs and The BBS Training System REG TRADE MARK is designed to be done in ANY ENVIRONMENT of the individuals choosing.

This is the absolute safest and, we feel as do our clients, absolute most efficient and successful training regiment you can embark on … come and make your change 🙂

BBS has delivered to its clients, for decades, the absolute most efficient Training System EVER! Be it in your quest for Health, Fitness, Strength, Aesthetics, Wellbeing, or ALL OF IT!

Clients have been with us for over 30 years, and why? Well, YOU, as does life, are ever evolving. As we age, our needs change, as do our abilities … BBS has YOU covered.

Regardless if you’re a teen or into the Golden years, if you are serious about your goals, and you are tired of all the misinformation from the usual “experts & sources” then we are your ticket.

Many have tried to “imitate” Body By Sergio, from our business practises to our BBS Training System Reg Trade mark, … Don’t be fooled .. this is the real deal .. you will succeed here!

Lastly, I get asked a lot about “Kinesiology” and does having a degree in this make one a “A Real Trainer”. It saddens me to say, NO. Can it be beneficial in ones career? Yes.

A certificate only means at some point in time you passed the curriculum you signed up for, based on the standards of that institution. It does not mean that in the real world one has proficiency, expertise, or good judgement skills as it relates to application of process.

Ever had a bad teacher, doctor, or lawyer? If you have, then you will know what I’m saying, without any disrespect to anyone.

Ie: If you had to have a life saving procedure performed on you who do you want? The Doctor who just graduated or the Doctor that has successfully performed the procedure for decades?

My preference has always been successful and experienced persons are my first choice .. if that’s yours .. you have found your home 🙂

I have personally trained and developed nutritional and fitness programs, as well as advised and counseled doctors, professional sports athletes, strength athletes, fitness and beauty models, corporate executives, and other professional trainers. We partner with our clients so that they achieve the full benefit that proper and sound training and nutrition yields. My experience in the field of health and fitness is in excess of 35 years – it has been a lifetime of experience.

If you are ready to succeed and make a change the “CONTACT US” now