A 30-minute consultation allows you an uninterrupted opportunity to discuss all your concerns, objectives and goals.

During your consultation, medical conditions, as well as medications, are discussed. All aspects of your health and fitness plan will be harmonized and coordinated with any medical conditions, procedures concerns past, present and future that you may have.

The consultation will yield a strategy that will suit your timetable, budgets, and personal goals.

“ … people never plan to fail they fail to plan …” We take care of this general omission for you and in turn, you achieve what it is you conceive!


Video/Phone Consultation

Our 30-minute phone, or video consultations, are ideal for those who are either far away or for those with limited travel time.

This is ideal for the busy person on the go, who would like to get started as quickly as possible at BBS, but may not have the opportunity to come into BBS until a later date.

During your consultation, all aspects will be covered the same as if you had come into our offices.