At this juncture of your journey we take a three facet approach:

1. Vital Statistics:

  • Body measurement
  • Body weight
  • Resting heart rate (also monitored during all workouts)
  • Escalation rate (also monitored during all workouts)
  • Working heart rate (also monitored during all workouts)
  • Body Mass Indexing
  • SpO2 reading (also monitored during all workouts)
  • PI reading (also monitored during all workouts when necessary)
Personal Training
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2. Beginning Photographs

This gives you a visual reference to measure your aesthetic progress with. When you have achieved your goals we will take final pictures that you can use to compare and help keep you motivated for years to come. You will be instructed as to what clothing to wear during your interview/consultation.

3. Fitness Level

The crucial step to finding out just where you are in regards to skills, abilities, exercise know edge, range, and tolerances. It is at this time that we are able to make accurate assessments and develop a program that is not only tolerable but enjoyable to execute. Well.. .as enjoyable as can be!

At BBS your comfort and safety are of paramount concern to us. Please be sure to mention any concerns you may have during your consultation or at any other time.

Rest assured your privacy is always secured.

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