Andrew Nerpin

Andrew Nerpin, Olympic Athlete Ranked 30th in the World, Colona, BC

“ I was amazed at his ability to “connect the work to the body for performance” As a professional curler ranked 30th in the world, I take my athletic performance abilities very seriously. At the time of this testimonial I’m training to be prepared for the 2022 Olympics to be held in Beijing.”

I first trained with Sergio when I was in my 20’s. He was recommended to me by a co-worker whom had validated, though his experiences with Sergio and Body by Sergio, the reputation that precedes Sergio.

When I had gone the first time, my goal was just better physical conditioning, and to truly learn how to properly work with my biomechanics, and to become fitter and a little stronger, while improving my endurance abilities.

I had my consultation and explained what I needed and Sergio set about a course of action, in detail, of what we would need to do. Now be warned that Sergio is a real straightforward “Old School” (as he describes himself) kind of guy. He will tell you the truth and then leave it to you to commit, and that is exactly what I did.

After accomplishing everything we discussed and then some the first time, I felt that I was good to go on my own and I did so.

I did many types of workouts and training including Cross-Fit, which I enjoyed but always felt something was lacking. I felt this became what I thought I should have gotten in terms of my goals never materialized. Oh sure, I made some gains, but it just felt it wasn’t enough for the hours I was putting in on these other regiments.

One day I was reflecting on how things where when I was training with Serg at Body by Sergio. So I dropped BBS a line to see what he could do for me given that I live in Colona, British Columbia and he in Ontario.

Well his staff made the arrangements for a consultation and explained to me the Video Training System BBS has, and its benefits.

On this, our second consultation, I explained the level of physical abilities I not only wanted to perform at as an Olympic contender, but I wanted to go beyond that to an advanced level of power, strength, and endurance.

Once again he explained the overview and what to expect. We then set a date for my first training session via video with Serg.

Sergio quickly picked up on other things he needed to work on to accomplish some of my goals. Likewise, I was amazed at how much knowledge he had about sport training and everything required of an elite athlete.

I was amazed at his ability to “connect the work to the body for performance” In all the different regiments and teachings I’ve had, I have not come across another individual with his depth of knowledge and expertise. It’s truly awesome to be trained by Serg and his people at BBS.

If you really are ready to listen and follow for success then you’ve found the real deal, FYI : my strength is incredible, my physical performance beyond anything I imagined, and the only question in my mind was; “ why did I ever leave him” lol. But that’s the truth .

Be you an Olympic Athlete, or just a person who wants results, Sergio and Body By Sergio are the real deal and very affordable. In fact, when I think of the monies wasted at other places that seem “cheep” I realized how truly cost effective BBS is.

Thanks Sergio!