Weight Loss Program

Bob Spears

Arthritis, years of wear and tear had my knees inflamed, painful, and restricted me from participating in the things I enjoy. 
Costly injections, medications and braces were not getting it done, I needed more help … I called Body By Sergio.
I met with Serg, we discuss my issues, he explained what to expect, and he then developed a strategy tailored to my needs.
My nutritional program was based on what I liked.
I trained in a fully equipped private room … no intimidations or distractions … 
My fitness level is beyond what I’ve seen in 30 years .. I’ve surpassed what I thought was achievable, I’m down 60 pounds and winning as I’m losing.
I’m off all medications … I no longer need braces … and I’m back living my life!
I’m Bob Spears, 56 year old Production Supervisor in Belleville Ontario, and I’ve reclaimed my health, my way of life, and my happiness using the Body By Sergio System …  
BBS is the best investment I’ve made for my family and I. I did it … so can you! Body By Sergio … they change lives … they changed my life … they’ll change yours … 
Thanks Sergio!