Darlene Satamo-Stewart

I wasn’t sure how the Live One on One Video Training would work for me as I have no equipment in my home, or office.


Firstly, Sergio put together a plan that allowed me to use implements already in my home, with the option to make a minimal purchase investment into a real space saving, cost efficient home gym set up. My program was designed so that I could easily utilize what I have, while building up my equipment selection in a cost efficient manner.


The Live One on One Video Training is nothing like I would have thought it to be, but trust me the workouts still have the same effect & boy I still feel the burn after!


It is truly awesome! I don’t even have a decent internet provider/connection (normally slow slow slow) and I’ve had only one issue, and that was when we had a bad storm, other than that it has been 100%! So no interruption and smooth sailing.


All my reservations were dispelled in my very first Live One on One Video session.


The trainer is there to ensure all the same things like when in the old studio so that I don’t hurt myself, my form is correct, and like I said “the burn baby, burn” is still happening!


Also, it’s great that I can fit it anywhere in my schedule that works for me – I don’t have to drive anywhere. It’s in the comfort of my own home, and then I can turn into a couch potato and rest! … lol. Well, usually the workout does the opposite and gives me the boost of energy I need to get through the rest of my evening, until bed! (although I do really miss seeing everyone’s friendly faces at BBS, but I still get that interaction that you need, and no risk of Covid-19 through the process)


I found many more advantages to Live One on One Video Training than I could have never imagined.


Like I can take it/do it anywhere – we boat a lot in the summer, so once the common area opens up, I’m looking forward to being able to do my sessions right at the marina. The beauty is that where ever I am, that now becomes my workout space, talk about convenience, and no missing a workout because of being out of town or out on the water! As well, there is no travel time, which means no planning around traffic and the hassles that go with all that. Plus the time saved on travel is allowing me more time for the other things I want and need to do. The Live One on One Video Training platform has saved me about an hour a day just in the travel time, and again, I am in the comfort of my home … I’m loving it!


This system and the BBS Video Platform has actually freed up my day and taken away the stresses that come from having a jammed pack day with the extra time I now have!


As well, I don’t have to worry about contracting Covid-19 from a possible accidental lack of protocol, and like Sergio has said; “if we remove our mask to train, which you will have to, then we all are at great risk and its not worth it!”


You will not regret the video training .. It is dynamite!


Darlene’s Journey;


Where do I begin?!?! Because BBS is not only a Superior Personal Training Facility – it is unlike anything else, and to be honest it is the only thing I have stuck to for this long & I’ve been to a lot of gyms and tried every system there is.


I have been going to BBS for approx. 5-6 years now. At BBS it’s like “Cheers” – everyone knows your name & that’s no joke they really do!


It’s like family. It’s the only Gym that you don’t get the “goodie two-shoe” vibe from any other members or staff.


There’s no judgment, no one taking up space on machines they aren’t using.


No going there for the sole purpose of attracting the opposite sex and I can wear whatever workout attire I want without being frowned upon.


No one trying to compete with me, or looking down at me because I am unable to lift the weights they can, or because I can’t do as many mountain climbers as they can (which I hate still to this day btw….shhh don’t tell Sergio lol), etc. you know all the typical downsides with gyms that people like me go for .. I want results and at BBS you get them!


When I decided to try BBS approximately 6 yrs ago, I was at my heaviest weight and I was not happy with the way I looked in the mirror.


I was sluggish and tired all the time. I knew something had to be done – and I had seen so many great results from coworkers that had gone there, I decided to give it a go.


I was concerned about the cost, but it’s comparable with the cost of any other gym, however the value of Sergio’s experience into each and every program superseded anything I could have expected.


He really should be charging a lot more for what BBS delivers. This is a real TEAM environment and Sergio is the Captain that calls all the plays and he gets you to the goal on time and on budget! How can you beat 40 years of experience, knowledge and proven success?


BBS geared my workouts to fit my budgets of time and money – there are so many options that the budgets work for ANYONE! – so if that’s what stopping you from walking through their doors – don’t let it, honestly they have a million different options, just sit and talk to them, they will work on it with you to make it work!


No other gyms/training facilities I have tried in the past worked for me. They either didn’t listen my needs, or they didn’t have the experience to do what they said, and in truth I’ve not found any place to operate as professional as BBS. Anywhere.


After a few months at different gyms the novelty would wear off, & I would just quit going. That has not been my experience at all with BBS, the atmosphere is amazing – I couldn’t even do a push up (ok maybe 3 if I tried real hard) when I started there.


Serg developed a meal plan with food that I actually enjoyed eating – I use that same meal plan to this date – I might fall off the wagon here and again with it – but it’s always my go to guide – and helps me to stay on track.


I told Sergio the areas I physically wanted to work on, & improve in strength (and now I have the strength in my arms to do push ups, and a lot of them! .. Don’t say anything to him or I’ll have to do more … lol )


Over the years I have had injuries, but Serg’s expertise and his direction of all his personal trainers were there to ensure I didn’t incur any further injuries and because of his vast knowledge he rehabbed my past afflictions, which saved me the pain, money and time to go to physio.  This is a real all in on place to stop and shop .. They even can set you up with equipment for your home that will fit any budget!


Serg even sat with me to personally see what was going on, & gave me exercises that I could do at home to help repair/strengthen those areas so they would not cause me pain anymore.


4 years ago I got married – I felt I was in the best shape in my life, I had confidence again, & I felt great, I had so much energy! So much so, I was working out all of the time – I really had that much energy, no joke! My co-workers kept telling me they were going to have to do a workout intervention … lol


The past 3 years have confirmed my feelings on just how much the BBS Team is really just like family.


My daughter passed away unexpectedly 3 yrs ago. BBS were there for me and supported me through it, and that’s no word of a lie.


They checked in on me to see how I was doing, and offered me a space to be, & people to talk to when I found it unbearable to be at home.


BBS was very compassionate, understanding, flexible in scheduling/rescheduling if need be; I shed many tears in their waiting room.


They would start my sessions earlier on those days when possible – which helped me to focus on something else, & gave me the mental strength to get through the rest of my day.


From day one of walking in BBS Door’s – I always walked out of there feeling better then I went in, both physically & mentally.


Sergio and all his staff have always been very patient, compassionate, gracious & kind to me, there is not one staff member in there I have ever had ill feelings towards.


They certainly have gone over and above – more so then any other place I have ever been to or heard of!


I am so thankful for everything they have done for me, & could never thank them enough. They are more than just a business, as such for BBS it’s not about profiting financially, they are truly AMAZING, down to earth human beings, who are big on customer service, and care about those who walk in their doors & their well being.


They strive to help each & every person to overcome obstacles and achieve their fitness goals, and a lot more … its like there tag line say’s … they don’t just change your body they change your life !!!! … as BBS will tell you, and like Sergio says … “there is a lot baked into the cake and its not the nonsense everyone sadly reads .. Here you will succeed as long as you are willing to listen and work .. You will win!”  It’s just so true ….


Just do it!!! Make that step, you will be so glad you did, & you will never look back! BBS Brick and Mortar Operations were remarkable, but this Live One on One Video Training is the ultimate experience and you will likely never want a Brick & Mortar again … I did it and so can you …


– Darlene Satamo – Stewart

Belleville Ontario Canada