Laura Cunningham

When I first heard about Video Training, my thought was, how, how can someone possibly train you correctly by video? How can they possibly see my technique through video? Will I get the same quality of a workout as I would going into Body by Sergio. Would I receive the same support as I did in person.


After my first video workout I was honestly blown away! It turned out 100 times better than I expected. From the very first session I was completely at ease with the video training.


I realized there was actually an advantage to it as not only could I see my trainer, but I could also see my technique in the corner of my screen.

That is something you can’t do at a gym, or in a training room. This allowed me to better understand any correction the trainer was explaining to me.


The advantages I’m finding with the video training are many.

I can do my workout at any time of the day. It’s done in the comfort of my own home, where I can use my own shower right after my workout.

There is no travel time or expense of going back and forth.

The training is the same quality that I was receiving in person at BBS, its been just beyond what I could have imagined and the biggest advantage; NO RISK of contracting Covid-19 which means my mind is at total ease.


Before I started going to Body by Sergio, my confidence in myself was low. My self esteem was down and I was sometimes depressed, quiet and shy.


I HATED the way I looked in the mirror and would cry at times when going into the changing room to try on clothes. When I began BBS I thought for sure I would lose interest in following a nutritional plan and work out program.


Well I have now been with BBS for 4 years and love every minute of it! My confidence in myself has changed so much that I was able to have photos taken for a billboard and did a boudoir photo shoot!!!! The changes I have seen in myself and the compliments I receive on my changes make me feel amazing!


When it comes to actually staying on track and reaching my goals, I am proud to say I have done it ! In fact I have surpassed them, and that has a lot to do with the support and encouragement I have received from BBS!  They really are the very best at what they do, and I know because I’ve been to others and their knowledge and experience pale in comparison to BBS.


In trying other workout programs and “diets”  I had literally no success with them. I would also lose interest as I found the workouts had no long term structure. It was as if on any given workout the trainers or “company” just made it up as I went along.  Nothing was ever written down or planned ahead of time, it was just whatever they “made up” I should do that day. I felt like I was not being listened to as to what I was looking for.


While at some other places I would walk into the gym and feel like it was a “fly by night” system. There was no workout program schedule to follow like at BBS, so the only way to know what to do was to go every time in person and pay them, and again, it was just conjured up out of their head with no real thought … no wonder I didn’t get anywhere!


With Body by Sergio my workouts are always ready and I am able to follow in the comfort of my own home, by myself , at no additional cost. However when needed i can schedule a session for help or just someone to “cheer “ me on.


Body by Sergio works with me and for me so I can enjoy my journey of changing myself!!!


Sergio works out the short and long term strategies and its all laid out in front of you, everything is calculated and well thought out … and he’s reputation for his extensive knowledge and for getting folks to their goals is well warranted … Body By Sergio is awesome!


If you have any reservations about trying BBS Live One on One Video Training, I totally understand, I was there.


You have to do this and I promise you will not be disappointed, and they will change your life and keep us safe. Oh and you can use your cell phone, laptop, or tablet for the session, so no buying extra stuff.


You can connect through different video venues like Skype, Face Time. Google Duo, or any of the good systems, which BBS will help you set up if you need it.


With every exercise they will make sure they have you completely in focus all the time. Within a matter of minutes of your workout, you will feel at ease with the video training.


What if you don’t have the proper equipment? No problem. Body by Sergio will help you with that as well. So what do you really have to lose, nothing.


But you have a lot you can gain! You will see it works! Body by Sergio has, and continues to work for me and I have enjoyed my journey in changing ME!!



Laura Cunningham


Quinte West, Ontario Canada