fitness goals

Laura Cunningham

I was feeling tired all the time and i didn’t like the way I was looking … I needed to lose some weight.

I work in an environment where I see sick people all the time and I didn’t want to become a future patient … I needed to make a change. I needed results.

I called Body By Sergio …

I met with Sergio, we discussed my concerns, he explained what to expect, he developed a program tailored to my physical condition, goals, and my availabilities.

My nutritional program was based on foods in my home.

I trained in a fully equipped private room, no intimidations or distractions, just efficient use of time.

I only trained 3x a week for 30 minutes with amazing results.

No needles to take, no supplements, and you won’t be hours in a gym!

I’m Laura Cunningham, health care provider at BGH, and mother of 2 from Belleville Ontario. I surpassed all my goals with the Body By Sergio System and I feel fantastic!

It’s true .. Body By Sergio not only changes your body … they really do change your Life! I did it … so can you!

Thanks Sergio!