Medication Free of Diabetes

A word from Lana: When I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes, I was angry and depressed. My doctor explained that diabetes is a dangerous and debilitating disease. He told me that nutrition, exercise, and weight loss were key elements of combating diabetes. I felt like I was alone in a battle with this disease. Then I found Body By Sergio and my life changed! I am medication free of Diabetes following the Body By Sergio system!

Lana’s Story: Lana’s family has a history of diabetes, as well as other life-threatening diseases. When she was diagnosed with Type II diabetes, she was not going to sit back and endure all of the health problems that come with this debilitating disease. Lana is a fighter, and shortly after her diagnosis, Lana had come to the Bay View Mall, where she saw Body By Sergio. She came in to see what the programs were all about. Sergio sat down with Lana, and they discussed all of her concerns. He started her on a nutritional program and a fitness program. Lana came in for 2 x 30 minutes of private training sessions each week. Within a week, Lana was starting to lose weight. She has lost a total of 30 lbs, and is still going! Lana has her blood sugar levels under control. She has taken control of this disease and is living her life. You can too! Call us today at 613-967-2336, to take control of your life!