old woman fitness

Michelle Colasante, Financial Planner and Self Employed at Colasante’s RV Park & Marina, Carrying Place, Ontario

“ Being able to maintain a fitness plan from my own home, with my own equipment has been invaluable”

I’ve been a long term client of BBS and having a busy life with owning my own business with my husband, and still working full time outside of the business I need to be more efficient with my time.

The BBS staff informed me of the BBS Video Training service and how it would save me travel time and all I would need is a minimal amount of equipment for my home. BBS even handled the purchases I required for an in home gym that was surprisingly inexpensive.

Being able to maintain a fitness plan from my own home with my own equipment has been invaluable. Not to mention the unparalleled level of expertise you receive in the session so that you don’t run into any pitfalls and like the others you’ll read about .. you really do accomplish your goals here and in a safe and efficient manner. There is no nonsense and everything is backed by the integrity that Sergio and BBS are well known for.

BBS is the real deal and they deliver what they say. Don’t waste time and money on all the nonsense that’s out there, start here and make your dreams become realities, I did and you will too.

Thanks Sergio!