Weight Lose

Michelle Norlock

I was involved in a motorcycle accident that left me unable to walk for months. During that period I gained over 40 pounds.
I hadn’t realized what I looked liked until one day I saw myself in a picture … I was horrified and embarrassed … I needed, to make a change. I needed results.
I called Body By Sergio.
I met with Sergio, we discussed my concerns, he explained what to expect, he developed a program tailored to my physical condition, goals, and my availabilities.  
My nutritional program was based on foods already in my home.
I trained in a private, fully equipped room … no intimidations or distractions … just efficient use of time.
I only trained twice a week for 30 minutes a session with remarkable results.
No needles to take, no supplements, and you won’t be hours in a gym.
I’m Michelle Norlock, realtor and mother of 2 from Bloomfield On, and I lost 40 pounds following the Body By Sergio System!
Not only am I riding again but I feel fantastic!
It’s true .. Body By Sergio not only changes your body … they really do change your Life! I did it and so can you.
Thanks Sergio!