Sergeant John

As a Canadian Armed Forces Vet I found myself battling PTSD. By early 2017, I was a mess and nothing was working … I was drinking daily and using medical marijuana to cope and forget … 
I was in a downward spiral and at risk to developing addiction issues … I felt hopeless …I needed redemption … I needed help … I needed a change!
I, like so many others, then found Body By Sergio, and everything changed. I met with Sergio and discussed my issues and what I wanted for myself; Sergio laid out a course of action … there’s no nonsense, just straight talk about the work ahead…it all really worked!
The BBS System not only changed my physical health, but my mental health as well.
I’ve got my life back, I’ve found me! No drinking or marijuana … just dealing with life on my own terms and living. And it was very affordable.
It’s like Serg says; it’s your life … take control … make your change … change your life … and live the gift!
I did it, so can you.
I’m Sergeant John Cunningham, retired, with 30 years of service, and I’m back!
Thanks Sergio!