Shelley Chamberlain

I’m a very busy mother and wife who runs a very busy and successful restaurant. If you understand the hospitality industry, you know just how stressful and hectic things can get.

Covid-19 has just added to that stress, and there has been no greater time where I’ve needed what BBS delivers to each of its clients.

This is the real deal, and it’s not the same as any other place for system. Sergio ensures every aspect and all elements of your training are addressed. His Team executes his strategies, and I love how he is also involved with any issues that arise.

I’ve made many changes, and continue to change, and it’s due to the expertise, attention, and execution by all at BBS. I’m continuing to make the changes I need in my life, and I can tell you this; you may not likely like the exercises and stuff he assigns to you, but you will love the fact that you actually do see and feel changes in each week, and workout at BBS.

Losing the fat and getting stronger while developing good habits has never been laid out so clearly and expertly … you will not regret this platform or this establishment .. ask my husband because he is the one that got me to BBS … Thanks Sergio!