Strengthen your body, your will, your resolve

Hi My name is Rhonda Steele and like so many people I have tried most all my life to be as healthy as I can while living life, and I’ve worked hard to have a body that I want.

As a working mom of 3 children, ages 22, 19 and 10, life is incredibly busy and sometimes exhausting.

I was frustrated with all the advice from all kinds of people, from trainers to people who “looked like” they knew what they were doing. I was working hard, and getting nowhere.

I knew I needed to make changes and always thought that Body By Sergio would be very expensive .. but I was wrong … they will work within your budget and match it up to your training. They actually saved me so much grocery money that it paid for my training and nutritional plan .. you even get a grocery list so you can’t screw up … lol

I choose Body By Sergio because I was sick of spending so much time and money in the gym and not getting the results I was looking for. I’m 40years old this year, and I wanted to look good.

Going to see Sergio was the best thing I have ever done. He has taught me so much. I have never been so comfortable in my skin. Sergio and BBS have taught me how to aspire to my own fitness goals. He made me comfortable with the idea and knowledge that all things are about evolution, and I evolved with a different mindset than when I had started.

He taught me the confidence to do what I believe to be best for me, and he taught me accountability.

The best thing I have learned from him is it’s not about being skinny or being perfect; it’s about how you feel about yourself and sees yourself.

I make my “changes“ as I see fit and not based on what someone else thinks I should be. Go to BBS if you were like I was .. make your changes .. they will strengthen your body, your will, your resolve, and most importantly, all of you. Thank you BBS and Sergio! – Rhonda Steele