Success Beyond What I Thought Possible

How do I put into words this incredible journey?

I have always seen myself as a “big” girl. After shoulder surgery and
quitting smoking, I truly was a BIG girl. I had no energy and really wasn’t happy with myself. Having dieted off and on for years, I knew that to change I would need help.

I called a pro — I called Body by Sergio! This was the best thing I could
have done! The plan Sergio set out for me was simple and the meal plans easy to follow. I have succeeded beyond what I thought possible! With the guidance and encouragement of the trainers, I surpassed my goals and Sergio’s goals. Forty pounds are gone and 4 clothing sizes. I’ve been asked if I quit eating…and people are amazed at how much I actually do eat! The combination of exercise and eating properly is unbeatable.

I have much more energy and my outlook is far more positive.

I feel like I’ve gone from the ugly duckling to the swan!

Thank you, Sergio!