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Welcome to VID Training with BBS!

We live in a world where technology has advanced to the point of being able to execute many of our day to day tasks on-line. At Body By Sergio, leading an active, fit and healthy lifestyle is now as simple as a click away. Most of us are now quite accustomed to talking to our friends and loved ones via Skype or FaceTime and so the transition to on-line personal training is not as difficult as one may think.

VID Training with BBS!
Online Coaching

The benefits of VID Training are numerous, and include:

The BBS VID System of training is designed for those of us who just want to have their workout delivered to them at home with live instruction and are too far from BBS to come in, or just prefer the option of not having to leave their home! This is a system that Sergio has used for over 10 years now with clients, in various formats, from all over the globe, and can be highly beneficial for Clients that are too busy, too far away, or maybe have small children at home so are unable to leave the house, but need the commitment and the accountability of having an appointment.

Session durations are from 30 to 60 minutes, dependent on client goals. If you have an internet connection and either an iPad, smart phone, tablet or computer, you are eligible for this service.

In your VID consultation you will discuss all the aspects of this unique and proven system of training. Please note that time availabilities are limited.

Success Stories

Laura Cunningham

When I first heard about Video Training, my thought was, how, how can someone possibly train you correctly by video? How can they possibly see my technique through video? Will I get the same quality of a workout as I would going into Body by Sergio. Would I receive the same support as I did in person.

After my first video workout I was honestly blown away! It turned out 100 times better than I expected. From the very first session I was completely at ease with the video training.

I realized there was actually an advantage to it as not only could I see my trainer, but I could also see my technique in the corner of my screen.

That is something you can’t do at a gym, or in a training room. This allowed me to better understand any correction the trainer was explaining to me.

The advantages I’m finding with the video training are many. Click here to read more

Darlene Satamo-Stewart

I wasn’t sure how the Live One on One Video Training would work for me as I have no equipment in my home, or office.

Firstly, Sergio put together a plan that allowed me to use implements already in my home, with the option to make a minimal purchase investment into a real space saving, cost efficient home gym set up. My program was designed so that I could easily utilize what I have, while building up my equipment selection in a cost efficient manner.

The Live One on One Video Training is nothing like I would have thought it to be, but trust me the workouts still have the same effect & boy I still feel the burn after!

It is truly awesome! I don’t even have a decent internet provider/connection (normally slow slow slow) and I’ve had only one issue, and that was when we had a bad storm, other than that it has been 100%! So no interruption and smooth sailing.

All my reservations were dispelled in my very first Live One on One Video session.

Click here to read more

Shelley Chamberlain

I’m a very busy mother and wife who runs a very busy and successful restaurant. If you understand the hospitality industry, you know just how stressful and hectic things can get.

Covid-19 has just added to that stress, and there has been no greater time where I’ve needed what BBS delivers to each of its clients.

This is the real deal, and it’s not the same as any other place for system. Sergio ensures every aspect and all elements of your training are addressed. His Team executes his strategies, and I love how he is also involved with any issues that arise.

I’ve made many changes, and continue to change, and it’s due to the expertise, attention, and execution by all at BBS. I’m continuing to make the changes I need in my life, and I can tell you this; you may not likely like the exercises and stuff he assigns to you, but you will love the fact that you actually do see and feel changes in each week, and workout at BBS.

Losing the fat and getting stronger while developing good habits has never been laid out so clearly and expertly … you will not regret this platform or this establishment .. ask my husband because he is the one that got me to BBS … Thanks Sergio!

old woman fitness

Michelle Colasante, Financial Planner and Self Employed at Colasante’s RV Park & Marina, Carrying Place, Ontario

“ Being able to maintain a fitness plan from my own home, with my own equipment has been invaluable”

I’ve been a long term client of BBS and having a busy life with owning my own business with my husband, and still working full time outside of the business I need to be more efficient with my time.

The BBS staff informed me of the BBS Video Training service and how it would save me travel time and all I would need is a minimal amount of equipment for my home. BBS even handled the purchases I required for an in home gym that was surprisingly inexpensive.

Being able to maintain a fitness plan from my own home with my own equipment has been invaluable. Not to mention the unparalleled level of expertise you receive in the session so that you don’t run into any pitfalls and like the others you’ll read about .. you really do accomplish your goals here and in a safe and efficient manner. There is no nonsense and everything is backed by the integrity that Sergio and BBS are well known for.

BBS is the real deal and they deliver what they say. Don’t waste time and money on all the nonsense that’s out there, start here and make your dreams become realities, I did and you will too.

Thanks Sergio!

Andrew Nerpin

Andrew Nerpin, Olympic Athlete Ranked 30th in the World, Colona, BC

“ I was amazed at his ability to “connect the work to the body for performance” As a professional curler ranked 30th in the world, I take my athletic performance abilities very seriously. At the time of this testimonial I’m training to be prepared for the 2022 Olympics to be held in Beijing.”

I first trained with Sergio when I was in my 20’s. He was recommended to me by a co-worker whom had validated, though his experiences with Sergio and Body by Sergio, the reputation that precedes Sergio.

When I had gone the first time, my goal was just better physical conditioning, and to truly learn how to properly work with my biomechanics, and to become fitter and a little stronger, while improving my endurance abilities.

I had my consultation and explained what I needed and Sergio set about a course of action, in detail, of what we would need to do. Now be warned that Sergio is a real straightforward “Old School” (as he describes himself) kind of guy. He will tell you the truth and then leave it to you to commit, and that is exactly what I did.

After accomplishing everything we discussed and then some the first time, I felt that I was good to go on my own and I did so.

I did many types of workouts and training including Cross-Fit, which I enjoyed but always felt something was lacking. I felt this became what I thought I should have gotten in terms of my goals never materialized. Oh sure, I made some gains, but it just felt it wasn’t enough for the hours I was putting in on these other regiments.

One day I was reflecting on how things where when I was training with Serg at Body by Sergio. So I dropped BBS a line to see what he could do for me given that I live in Colona, British Columbia and he in Ontario.

Well his staff made the arrangements for a consultation and explained to me the Video Training System BBS has, and its benefits.

On this, our second consultation, I explained the level of physical abilities I not only wanted to perform at as an Olympic contender, but I wanted to go beyond that to an advanced level of power, strength, and endurance.

Once again he explained the overview and what to expect. We then set a date for my first training session via video with Serg.

Sergio quickly picked up on other things he needed to work on to accomplish some of my goals. Likewise, I was amazed at how much knowledge he had about sport training and everything required of an elite athlete.

I was amazed at his ability to “connect the work to the body for performance” In all the different regiments and teachings I’ve had, I have not come across another individual with his depth of knowledge and expertise. It’s truly awesome to be trained by Serg and his people at BBS.

If you really are ready to listen and follow for success then you’ve found the real deal, FYI : my strength is incredible, my physical performance beyond anything I imagined, and the only question in my mind was; “ why did I ever leave him” lol. But that’s the truth .

Be you an Olympic Athlete, or just a person who wants results, Sergio and Body By Sergio are the real deal and very affordable. In fact, when I think of the monies wasted at other places that seem “cheep” I realized how truly cost effective BBS is.

Thanks Sergio!