At Body By Sergio, we believe that a child’s confidence in themselves is a critical component to growing up healthy both in mind and body.

Sadly, some school/social environments are not as inclusive or as “kind” as they could be, and many times children feel inadequate because of this dynamic. When this is the case, it truly hampers a child’s ability to learn, enjoy, and mostly feel a part of something outside of themselves.

These feelings can be lifelong in duration, and they can affect the quality of life both in childhood and as an adult.


if your child feels they want or need to improve their confidence, just feel better about themselves, or if they seek to better physically perform in their sport or recreation.

” Everybody wants to feel part of something greater than themselves and this feeling is embedded in us from the time we can walk and talk.

Inclusion and acceptance are critical components to achieving this, but it takes participation on one’s part.

If one has confidence in themselves then they will, at a much easier and more expedient manner, find their path in this life, acceptance, confidence to search for who they are, and most important, their happiness.”-Serg

Chubby kid on gaming controller
Child Nutrition Program

Healthy habits start at home!

Helping our children to live full, productive and positive lives starts with a collaborate effort from family members, educators, and the medical community. Making better food choices and becoming more active will benefit everyone, regardless of weight.

If you and your child are ready to take a step in the right direction and obliterate obesity from their lives then contact us.

We will lay out what you will have to do as a parent and what your child will have to do, and it will be done in a totally comprehensive manner.

Active Kids

Being active at an early age can lead to a healthy lifestyle for a lifetime.

Physical activity is vital for a child’s development and lays the foundation for a healthy and active life, promoting healthy growth and development, helping to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, building strong bones and muscles.

kids playing football