Nutrition Programming

Nutrition Programming & Ongoing Counselling

First and foremost, nutritional programming is a key component to healthy living and physical performance. You are what you eat is an accurate sentiment not to be taken lightly. Just ask any of our clients.

The programming that you receive is based on your choice of three distinctly different styles.


This option delivers to you foods that are already in your house, so no extra shopping is required. What we do is arrange macro-nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, and fats) in a ration that is compatible with your lifestyle, body type and fitness plan. This allows your body to maximize its performance and allows you to be successful because, again, the foods are those that you are already consuming. This is not a “diet” but instead an individual ratio specific strategy that has 90% long term success rate and a 99% short term success rate. The benefits are life long!

Nutrition Programming & Ongoing Counselling
nutrition plans

Performance Plan

This option delivers maximum results in the fastest possible time. In this option foods are decided upon for you and the critical bases of the decision is your goal, be it weight loss, fat loss, sport performance, bodybuilding, strength, or running. No matter what the objective, it will be worked out so you can get the very best results in a minimal time.

Healthy Life Style Alternative

This option is all about total change. The foods are a combination of individual client likes and qualification of strictly “healthy” functional foods.

By utilizing the nutritional service you will not only expedite your aesthetic goals, but you will also suffer fewer colds and flus, greatly improve your energy levels, perform better at your day to day tasks, and remarkably, enjoy a finer night’s sleep. Remember your body is a biological machine and like any machine you need the right fuel to ensure that all the systems are working properly. We make sure of that in your programming. During your consultation, you and your consultant will decide with option is best for you.

Healthy Life Style Nutrition

Over the years many people asked me how much value I put into nutrition in terms of achieving my client goals and over the course of over 30 years, my answer is unchanged; Nutrition is at least 80% of the battle, probably more towards 90% , the other 10% to 20% is sound training strategy, coupled with proper execution, and appropriate frequency.