We Are Back and We are Keeping You Safe !

Body By Sergio - Live One On One Video Training

Body By Sergio will resume their Brick & Mortar Operation when it is safe to do so. As of now, we are indefinitely suspending ALL BRICK & MORTAR Operations until such time that it is safe to resume.

After reviewing the Government Plans in regards to Gyms and Personal Training Facilities Guidelines in a Phase 3 opening; I cannot in good faith move forward with it, due to it being unsafe and the guidelines are flawed.

The nature of this industry is such that is would be near impossible to avoid a contraction and transmission situation.

We’ve developed a much better way…

This is a 100% safe way to deliver our services to you .. LIVE One on One Video Training .. Safe, effective and efficient! – This is with one of our real trainers and it’s not some video to follow.

Read what Our clients are saying about it .. it’ll blow you mind! -Serg


Live One On One video Training

This is not like you might think – You will be safe and this is as effective as being in one of our B&M rooms with a ton more in advantages. Here is an example of what our client’s sentiments are on this format, which we’ve been using for decades for those for away clients in remote regions to deliver to them what they expect from us…

No nonsense expertise and efficient RESULTS! Be safe and let’s get your body ..ROCKIN’ .. here is a typical client’s experience

“After my first video Workout I was honestly blown away! It turned out 100 times better than I expected. From the very first session I was completely at ease with the video training.

This is even better than being in the training room because of all the advantages … and you have real BBS professional trainer, it’s just awesome .. its a win win!”

Read Laura’s full review and her personal story on her journey, then we invite you to become a success story as well in our 100% fail proof, safe and efficient Live One on One Video Training

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