Healthier, Stronger and More Confident

I’d heard whispers of Sergio helping people accomplish their personal fitness and nutritional goals, so I decided to set up my consultation. I’ve never looked back!

I’m a busy mom, juggling career and family, so time is at a premium. I needed the flexibility to be able to do my workout program on my own time, as well as at Body By Sergio to get the guidance I needed for proper technique.

I also needed a nutritional plan that could be easily integrated into my everyday meals. My goal was to become healthier, stronger and gain confidence in my physical pursuits without becoming “skinny”.

The additional tone was a nice side effect too! Sergio delivered on all fronts. The effectiveness of the program means I have more time and more energy for other aspects of my life. Maximum benefit with minimal time!

If you need to make a change for yourself, then this is the place to start. They don’t just change your body; they really do change your life!

~ Andrea