Personal Training – Via Video

The following is a typical sentiment from our Brick & Mortar clients on switching to the Video Training ;

“ I was skeptical of how this would work and to my surprise it was every bit as effective as BBS’s brick & mortar but better!

I have no travel time back and forth to the gym. No waiting for equipment. No worries or aggravation that are typical in a gym environment like others leaving their sweat on a bench and the absolute most efficient workout ever!

I will not return to brick and mortar Serg because Im loving not only the results but the convenience of it all ….. ”

It’s true, the onset of Covid-19 has changed our world forever and BBS moved swiftly in March of 2020 to prepare for all contingencies.

Our Brick & Mortar Clients were skeptical as to how it would work out and the above sentiment shared is maintained itself to date.

A little More info for you. ….

The BBS training process is truly unique.. Nothing ever meets the standard of the original.

Many have tried to replicate what we do, everything from our diversified, tailored programming and formats, to even our business operations.


Simply because our system has a success rate are far above the industry standard, by more than double than anywhere .. this means .. you’ll be successful here if you do the work.

Our founder, Sergio, has a long noted and documented history of getting people to their goals, well over 35 years of doing so safely and successfully!

Our success has not only been with medically sound individuals, but we have a long history of enabling those with very serious health afflictions to improve their situations, and in many cases stop certain progression of their affliction.

For our medically afflicted clients, their nutrition and fitness programs are medically approved by their practitioners, and at the client’s discretion at any time.

No matter what your situation .. we have you covered … and we work collaboratively with any and all medical teams.

Here is where your journey into not only achieving your goals starts, but to learning why you have missed the mark in all of those prior attempts at getting fitter, leaner, and most importantly, healthier. Your fitness and health are going to be dramatically improved, if not transformed. -Serg

No guess work, just results and no nonsense … it’s your time now to commit to a more happier and healthier … you!