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Now the fun starts! Lol! The BBS training process is truly unique. Many have tried to replicate what we do, and many still continue to copy us…well, as best they can! Why? Simply because of our success with helping people achieve their objectives. Our founder, Sergio, has a long noted and documented history of getting people to their goals, over 30 years of doing so safely and successfully!

Here is where your journey into not only achieving your goals starts but to learning why you have missed the mark in all of those attempts before. No guessing anymore, just results and no nonsense…

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Our House

At Body By Sergio, our personal training is by appointment only. When you train at BBS, you will be in your own private training room, just you and your Trainer. The training sessions are generally 30 minutes in length and are very time effective.

There is no waiting for equipment and no interruptions from other ‘gym members’.

That time and space is dedicated to you and you alone. Now that’s commitment with efficiency!

Sergio designs each and every customized fitness program/plan, based on your health, medical issues, goals and budget.

The BBS trainers instruct you on the exercises, cadence, tempos and techniques to make sure that you are executing the exercises correctly, and to keep you motivated in your workouts.

Your workouts will be fun and rejuvenating, and you will be in and out in 30 minutes, leaving you lots of time for the other things you enjoy…

Your House – VID Training

The BBS VID System of training is designed for those of us who just want to have their workout delivered to them at home with live instruction and are too far from BBS to come in, or just prefer the option of not having to leave their home! This is a system that Sergio has used for over 10 years now with clients, in various formats, from all over the globe, and can be highly beneficial for Clients that are too busy, too far away, or maybe have small children at home so are unable to leave the house, but need the commitment and the accountability of having an appointment.

Session durations are from 30 to 60 minutes, dependent on client goals. If you have an internet connection and either an iPad, smartphone, tablet or computer, you are eligible for this service.

In your VID consultation, you will discuss all the aspects of this unique and proven system of training. Please note that time availabilities are limited.

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Personal Training That Goes Beyond 1 on 1

Body By Sergio, innovative leaders in health and fitness

The name “Sergio’s” and Body By Sergio (BBS) is synonymous with health, wellness and fitness professionalism. We specialize in PROVEN, LONG LASTING weight loss programs, bodybuilding, Type II diabetic remission programming, performance training and high level stress management sessions, all while producing fit and healthy bodies.

At our two locations, our focus is on PRIVATE ENVIRONMENT training. We recognized decades ago that many of our clients wanted an environment that eliminates the intimidation factor many people feel when they walk into a gym or traditional studio facility. From this realization, Body By Sergio (BBS) was born.

When you are in a training session there is no one else in the training room other than you and your trainer. At BBS you even have your own private change room! BBS has led the industry and continues to do so with STATE OF THE ART EQUIPMENT, a WORLD CLASS FACILITY, EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE and years upon years of EXPERIENCE that goes into each and every client’s experience.

Our retail area offers our clients, and retail customers, products and services to extend the BBS experience into their own homes.

We also offer PRIVATE THERAPEUTIC INFRARED SAUNAS that has benefits for those suffering from arthritis to fibromyalgia…let the healing begin!

Use our menu to the left to check out in more detail what makes Body By Sergio the better choice for health, wellness and fitness.

From supplements to equipment we’ve got you covered!