Weight Loss Training

Never Thought I Had It In Me

A word from Lorna: Seeing those two photos – it is amazing! I cannot thank Sergio and Christine enough for helping me to change my life. I never thought I had it in me until I made that first call and started this incredible journey. I couldn’t have done it without all the support and encouragement that you both have provided along the way. Thanks for helping me to find the new me!! Now this (after) photo I am PROUD of. Thanks Sergio!!

Lorna’s Story: Lorna had tried every diet, supplement, gym membership and program with limited or no results, and she had become very discouraged. She is a working mother of 3, and has a very busy lifestyle. When Lorna found Body By Sergio, she met with Sergio, and he set her up on a program that took only 2 x 30 minutes training sessions per week. This worked well with Lorna’s time availability. She started on a nutritional program as well, and after one week, she was already seeing the weight come off. Lorna was on her way to reaching all of her goals. Every month, Lorna was seeing the inches melt away, and was losing weight steadily. Lorna has now reached her goals, and has lost an astounding 110 lbs! Congratulations, Lorna!