Wedding fitness needs


10 days prior to my wedding I was busy trying to pull everything together for the upcoming “big day”. I was feeling quite accomplished ticking things off my “to-do list” until I tried on my wedding dress… It had been sitting in my closet for well over 6 months since it was altered and I had a breakdown when I couldn’t get it zipped up. This couldn’t be happening! It was just over a week until my wedding day. There was no possible way I could do enough in a week to make it fit. I was devastated. I was lost. Then my mom suggested we contact Sergio. He squeezed me into his busy schedule the day after and we went over a very specific plan for me to lose a couple of inches and fit into my dress. He took me through a workout at his studio and went over the meal plan for the next week. I was skeptical, but Serg was so supportive and ensured me we would get into my dress on my wedding day. That week, I put in the time and followed the meal plan to a tee. When I tried on my dress the night before my wedding I was so afraid. But sure enough, the zipper went all the way up and what was my worst nightmare was remedied just like that. I lost over 8 lbs in 10 days! Serg is so knowledgeable about how to safely go about losing weight and he made me feel so comfortable and hopeful. He saved my wedding and ended up in my mom’s speech – “The #1 thing about today – seeing the bride’s smile when the dress does up – I can’t thank Serg and his team enough for their one-on-one training and support. I recommend him to anyone who wants to make a change and can’t do it on their own. PRICELESS!!”
Thanks Sergio!